A day in the life of a Zimbabwean – Victoria Falls

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An authentic and culturally enriching tour for people seeking a deeper understanding of the life of  the more disadvantaged Zimbabwean people, and the opportunity to give back and contribute towards the people and places that we visit can really enrich our experiences.

During the course  of the tour you get to experience, first-hand, the daily encounters, routines and life of a local Zimbabwean both in the Urban Townships and Rural Villages of the country.

So if you are curious and want an enriching experience and education on the local culture, at the same  contributing positively to the local community — this experience is a must for you.

Operating Schedule –  this is flexible and can be tailor made to your time frame, these are approximate times and will vary according to your interest

9h00 am     Pick up from the hotels

  • 09h00 am                                 Victoria Falls Market
  • 09h30 am                                 Visit to Victoria Falls Old Age Home to donate produce
  • 10h00am – 12h30 pm           Village Tour at local rural village.
  • 12h30 pm                                 Transfer back to your hotel.
  • 12h30 pm                                 Lunch at Dusty Road Restaurant (for own account)

A Day in the Life of a Zimbabwean – Highlights

  • An enriching and educational cultural tour of the local markets and village.
  • Real Life shopping experience in the local food market, buying everyday local produce.
  • A visit to the local Old  Age Home and donate the produce purchased to the home.
  • A culturally rewarding visit to an authentic rural village.
  • Real Artisanal Food from a Zimbabwean kitchen (Optional Lunch at Dusty Road Restaurant)
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  • Inclusions Activity Type
    Cultural Village Tour, Day Tour, History Art and Culture
  • Activity Level Fairly Easy
  • Group Size Medium Group
    2 - 16
All about the A day in the life of a Zimbabwean – Victoria Falls.

A Day in the  life of a Zimbabwean, Overview

Your experienced guide will give you the background history of Africa and it people, highlighting Africa as the cradle of mankind, the Southern Bantu Migrations from the 13th Century, to the Dutch settlers arriving in Cape Town in 1652 and their subsequent Northern migrations. A detailed insight into how these clashes have influenced modern day Africa and the development of its people, this gives the backdrop to the real-life market and Village tour.

Local Market

 The guide will take you through the local market explaining the locally grown produce and staple diets of the people  this will give some insight as to how lifestyles and culture influence the buying habits of the lower oncome  population and therein the way in which the local market vendors sell their produce.

It is recommended to take a few US$ or even local currency, and under supervision of the guide, actively buy a range of produce from the vendors gaining understanding & experience as well as contributing to the vendors trade that is always welcome.

(Please note the guide may also show how cell phone banking operates in the Zimbabwean economy this will also give a rare and direct insight how Zimbabweans operate on the very challenging almost cashless, economic environment we find ourselves in at present)

 Old Age Home

With the produce you have just purchased, the guide will take you a short distance to the local old age home, where you will meet the local residents who run this facility for the elderly that have no-where else to live. This highlights the certain aspects of bantu culture and colonial economic policies have resulted in this Old Age homes as these are  not the norm in bantu culture

The donation of the produce you bought at the market makes a great difference to the lives of these people.

Rural Village Tour

A short +/- 20 Minute drive from Victoria Falls takes you to a living, uncontrived working village and homestead. The local guide whose homestead  we visit  will welcome you to the village and will take you through the life and daily chores of the rural resident,  from farming practices, to food preparation(grinding, pounding & winnowing) water and fire wood collection

The . We will learn the village and tribal structures, cultural ceremonies and traditions of the community how they deal with conflict, and how they instill tradition in the way they bring up their children. questions and photographs are encouraged.

These authentic experiences will leave you with a feeling that you have participated, contributed and at the same time had an enriching experience, and  this tour will without doubt enhance your Victoria Falls Experience with an all-encompassing appreciation of the continent, cultures and the people of Africa.

Minimum Numbers: 2 Guests :  Maximum Numbers 16 Guests (we can host larger groups on request)

Dress Policy –  Casual, As you will be engaging with a traditional community, Ladies are strongly encouraged to wear modest clothing that covers the  shoulders and thier legs ,at least up to the knee.

Advised to bring.

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Hat or Cap
  • Sunscreen.
  • US$5 – US$10 in small denominations for shopping at the market.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.


  • Return Transfers from Victoria Falls Hotels and Lodges.
  • Private Guide.
  • Tour of the local market, and shopping experience.
  • Visit and donations to the Old Age Home.
  • Cultural Village Tour.
  • Bottled Water
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.


  • Personal Purchase at the market.
  • Gratuities
  • Any Donations.
  • Lunch at Dusty Road Restaurant (Optional)